Circling-Out Demurrage Claims  

C Dem Exchange is a programme which sifts through users' claims data to find circles of claims of similar value which can then be circled-out with no transfer of funds (except where there's a small difference between the claim's value and the circle-out price). 
Circling-out claims limits users' exposure and risk of having large amounts of claims outstanding. This service is also able to quickly close users' liabilites to their counterparties. 
The service is low cost (1% transaction fees on circled-out claim amounts) with no other costs involved. This equates to significant savings in costs and time spent on the administrative burden of managing the claims process. Our mediation service allows disputed claims to be settled at rates significantly lower than arbitration or litigation. 
Using C Dem Exchange removes demurrage settlement as a commercial consideration, whilst being able to close claims with customers simultaneously allows users to close claims without fear of counterparty non-perfomance. 
1. Register as a user and upload your claims data. Upload data using our easy-to-use interface. Claims can be added/removed form the system at any time. 
2. Detect. The C Dem Exchange programme will detect circles between users for claim(s) of similar value. 
3. Notify. You will be notified when a potential circle-out is detected, along with the details of your claim and the claim against you, for you to agree or decline the circle-out. 
4. Pay/Receive. If you and others in the circle accept, you will pay/receive the difference between your claim and the circle-out price and settle C Dem’s 1% transaction commission. All claims in a circle are cancelled simultaneously. 
5. Claim Closed. That's it! 

Where a dispute arises concerning the amount or validity of a claim, the dispute can be put to an independent arbitrator to adjudicate the claim. This dispute resolution is performed as a paper review of the documents and any other submissions from either party, is performed at a low fixed cost of GBP 2,000 (with costs awarded against the losing party) and performed quickly. If both parties accept to have the claim adjudicated, they will also accept that the result is final, binding and not subject to appeal. No reasons will be given. 

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